Business Analytics & Data Intelligence

Measuring business milestones in the most accurate way. Making decisions that deliver sustainable business growth, needs in depth business analytics and data intelligence. We promise to bring new insights to you and your business through in-depth analysis.

Business Planning, Feasibility & Budgeting

Whether you need a 3 Year Business Plan, and Annual Budget, or a Quarterly Action Plan, at ekuiplus we develop and implement business plans, feasibility studies and annual budgets for successful businesses growth. We promise to show you a robust way forward that covers all your financial bases.

Outsourced Accounting & Reporting

Improve efficiency, build consistency, and reduce costs with the help from our accounting & reporting experts. We promise to identify and highlight the areas where your business could operate at a more optimized cost.

ABOUT ekuiplus

Focus on your core business and let us bear the burden of your key overhead operation. We are ekuiplus and we have assisted several businesses start, build & grow to success, by allowing them to focus on acquiring and pleasing customers, while we provided them with accurate, timely financial information that helped them make decisions that fueled their growth.

Allow our experts to leverage analytic capabilities and measurably improve the overall performance of your company. We are passionate about numbers, and collecting numbers and analyzing data are just the beginning steps. Ekuiplus will develop insightful solutions that help you make better business decisions. 

When you outsource your business support services to us, you can emphasize on your core operations while getting the complete advantage of our experience and skills.

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why partner with ekuiplus

Business financial professionals enabling your Better Business Decisions that deliver business growth.

Scope & Depth of Services

Technologically Empowered

High Quality Solutions

Consider this

  • A range of business support services and the right skills required according to your size of business.
  • High quality services, through a localized and highly specialized team, no matter where you are located across the Middle East region.
  • Automated processes empowered by unique technologies that manage workflow and enhance the efficiency of your business operations.
  • A proven methodology of analyzing and understanding the specific needs of each of our clients’ requirements without bias.
  • Followed by a tailor-made solution and offering, designed to meet your exact business requirements.
  • Highly trained professionals who are passionate numbers and the work they do, and deliver quality services above all.


Allow our experts to leverage our capabilities and measurably improve the overall performance of your business, by collecting, analyzing and reporting on your numbers.

At ekuiplus, we develop insightful solutions that help you enhance your decisions.

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