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Better Business Decisions

With the best automated marketing systems, you can gather data from demand and lead generation activities. But how do you utilize that data?

Let us help you out. The first step towards success is to formulate the criteria for success. We define KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and track your metrics to gauge your business achievements. We track these metrics regularly and create reports to help you understand market trends and evaluate ROI accordingly.


We work with your team and find the most relevant KPIs that fall into various categories. Some of them are general performance, channel based performance, sales funnels, direct sales effects, and revenue-based metrics. Once the KPIs are measured, you will have a better idea about the progress path and how to steer your business there.

Our team begins with a KPI discovery process which follows a course of collaborations. KPI benchmarks are established and then aligned with requirements of your business team.The information we gather in the meetings is organized and arranged. It is then used to determine the KPIs for efficient measurement of business success.

We are renowned for offering consistent and measurable practices to achieve the power of making efficient business decisions.

Over the years, Ekuiplus has discovered KPIs for several organizations across different industries. We have worked on some of the leading brand names and can help you as well. Our experts will get you the best digital analytics investment. Contact us to learn more about our KPI process.

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