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Create stability, increase your profits, and enhance business growth with specialized services from Ekuiplus. Without the right financial planning, your business will be unable to be focused in the right direction and thus lack targets that enable growth.

With business planning and budgeting, you’ll get future visibility that will help you have a strong financial structure. With our business planning, you’ll be able to make improvements and have sound information to help make corporate choices. We also help you have a clear focus and greater confidence in your decisions.

Our strategic planning has been proven accurate for operating companies, startups, growing organizations. Our business planning & budgeting solution will allow you to:

1. Identify & Measure your Key Business Performance Indicators
2. Apply sensitivity analysis and explore various outcomes based on different performance scenarios.
3. Design & Budgeting of Organizational Structure Scenarios and how they impact your top & bottom line.
4. Have full visibility on Capital Structure and Debt Gearing

As an outcome of our planning and budgeting solution, you should expect to receive:
1. 5-Year Profit & Loss Projection
2. 5-Year Cash Flow Projection
3. 5-Year Balance Sheet Projection
4. Capital Investment Payback Period
5. Minimum & Maximum Funding Requirements
6. Quick access to the top ten key business ratios

If you have a growing business, you might not be able to have a hands-on approach with all its parts. It is advisable to split your budget in different processes such as production, marketing, and sales. As money moves through different paths in your organization, you’ll need a planned approach to staying in control. This is where we can help you.

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