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With the increasing challenges posed by the continuous technological innovation and increased competition, successful organizations have started outsourcing their routine business operations, functions, processes and activities to trusted partners. When these services are outsourced to an experienced firm, organizational business overhead expenses are minimized and quality outcomes are increased, as they form part of the Service Level Agreement. You can then focus on your core business, keeping your customers happy.


At ekuiplus, accounting is not just a process or function; it is in our opinion the only clear and effective tool that enables better and more effective business decisions. As your partner in better business decision making, we understand the challenges you face to take better business decisions every day. We pride ourselves on our commitment to have a client partner at your service, and will have one point of contact for your business. Working in teams, we will design your accounting operations to suit your your company’s core objectives.


Our team of trained and qualified accounting professionals specialize in operational accounting, payroll, taxation, and financial reporting to help your company remain focused at its core activity without losing sight of its numbers and performance metrics.

The rise of cloud based service has changed the way we conduct our business operations permanently. We now have access to people and organizations that can assist with our business daily operations and business needs, enabling business owners to make better decisions, and their businesses to run smoother and focus on making more profit. The single most common place, which is key to any business, that this has been making a positive impact for business owners is in accounting operations an reporting.

Proper accounting is much like going for your regular checkup — no one really wants to take the time to do it but forgetting about it will lead to serious outcomes. This is one of the reasons why entrepreneurs would rather hire someone to do it and not have to think about it until until it’s reporting time.

The benefits of outsourcing your Operational Accounting & Reporting needs are:

  1. More time for you to focus on your customers
  2. Saving money in multiple ways
  3. Trained & experienced expertise on your side
  4. A focused team delivering work on time
  5. Team approach v/s individual approach
  6. Access to top systems, technology and reporting
  7. Easy to scale up or down anytime

We simplify this support function by cooperating and coordinating with the relevant teams at your company. Our experts believe in facilitating a smooth running operation of all processes, in a transparent manner and with open communication.

Our Services Include:

  1. Sales Reporting
  2. Accounts Receivables
  3. Cash Flow forecasts and Payment Scheduling
  4. Monthly Audit & Reconciliation
  5. Financial Statements (P&L, Balance Sheet)
  6. Cash Management
  7. Payroll Management

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