Automated Financial Reporting and Budgeting

What is automated financial reporting?

Corporate finance departments are becoming increasingly frustrated with traditional financial modeling softwares, all of which have their own flaws and benefits, but lack the sophistication to do the job required securely and efficiently. As all CFOs know, financial modelling with Excel is time consuming, difficult to scale and vulnerable to errors and security breaches. While many turn to CPM apps, these also come with their own issues, including; costly upkeep, IT dependence and lack of nuance. Automated enterprise financial modelling brings together the best of both worlds; combining spreadsheets and CPM apps into one, scalable, flexible and secure system.

Ekuiplus’s Automated Financial reporting and modeling software, which was developed in partnership with A3 Solutions, empowers CFOs with tools that deliver unbreakable models, absolute data integrity, maximum flexibility and total connectivity.

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Benefits of automated financial reporting & budgeting

Automated Financial modeling is a next generation productivity tool that ‘supercharges’ more traditional analysis tools while doing away with the common issues users often come up against. Ekuiplus’ Automated Financial Modelling software is:

Effective Effective

Flip to 90% analysis
10% maintenance

Reliable Reliable

No more links
or formula errors

Efficient Efficient

Faster access to data,
no more GL data dump
and format exercises

Agile Agile

Automated financial modelling is flexible, secure, and scallable

User friendly User friendly

Automated enterprise financial modeling is built to be adaptable and intuitive

charts and dashboards Informative

Financial modeling software is robust in its reporting,
charts and dashboards

Excel investment Flexible

Business and financial modeling is flexible enough to retain your Excel investment

How does automated enterprise financial Modelling Software work

Automated Financial Reporting & Modelling software takes data from multiple sources and processes this data in a secure, cloud based server. Here it is quickly consolidated, manipulated, and within seconds, transformed into unbreakable, self-maintaining models that can be shared instantly with stakeholders, allowing for collaboration and reporting.
How does this financial modeling software benefits you:

Connect Data Sources

Automated financial reporting & Budgeting services

Enterprise Budgeting & Forecasting
With Ekuiplus’ automated financial modelling software, you don’t need to abandon your traditional financial modelling with Excel and spreadsheets to get the budgeting and forecasting tools you need to efficiently produce accurate budgets and actionable insights. Our tool developed with A3 Solutions, supercharges Excel with the power of the cloud, bringing you totally unbreakable data models, audit trails, version control, powerful collaboration tools, rock-solid information security and more.

Management Reporting & Scenario Analysis
Ekuiplus’ technology empowers finance professionals to effortlessly combine data from different sources and produce rich content and beautiful presentations for variance reporting, ad hoc analysis and interactive what-if modeling. Instantly create and distribute highly meaningful, actionable financial reports. These enterprise-grade management reporting and financial analysis features are used by finance teams across the Fortune 500, and now you can also use the technology to empower your finance professionals to track KPIs, budget, forecast and plan in a secure, best-in-class, high speed system.

Handle inter-company eliminations, currency conversions, journal entries and other multi-entity consolidations with our same solution you use for budgeting, forecasting, and reporting. Consolidating your software in this way allows your team to dramatically increase productivity and accuracy and reduce cycle times. Use EkuiPlus’ Automated Enterprise Financial Modeling Software to rigorously and securely:

  • Dive deep into operational details and gain a true understanding of variances.
  • Centralize data in a secure environment, eliminating redundancy and
    improving visibility.
  • Ensure GAAP and SOX compliance
  • Integrate data flows to and from ERP, MRP and operational systems.
  • Protect original data with strict version controls and revisions.
  • Eliminate waiting and downtime with dynamic, real-time consolidations.
  • Support even the most complex internal business rules, including partial ownership and proportionate reporting.
  • Slice and dice data on the fly for fluid analysis and feedback
  • Easily support multiple currencies and staged, cascading allocations

Why Ekuiplus financial modelling Software?

Financial reporting helps in depicting the business revenue, expenditures, profit, loss, cash flow, and more. When it comes to business and financial modeling, human error can’t be an option as financial analysis impact a business in many ways. Choosing the right financial modeling software can help in keeping an accurate track of Companies Financial health. This information is vital in making a major decision about business investment, plans, and legal claims. However, with endless financial modeling software in the market finding the best for your business can be daunting. At Ekuiplus we understand the core of your needs. Here are a few reasons why EKuiplus automated financial modeling software is all you need:

Handy solutions
Ekuiplus understand that not every business has tech gigs like IT firms. Executing complicated AI financial software can be a challenge for such businesses. To ease your life EKuiplus brings you handy solutions with the perfect blend of traditional comfort and modern intelligence. Our automated accounting and financial modeling software are customized to meet the need of all kinds of business types.

Ekuiplus is determined to succeed and grow with our partners as they grow to new heights. We aim to reach every other genre of business whether it’s a startup company or a big venture. To ensure our cutting-edge, multi-dimension financial modeling solution expands its reach to its full potential we bring you the best financing solution at a very affordable price.

60+ years experience
Experience is the treasure that can’t be bought but earned with continuous effort and hard work. Ekuiplus is a proud business with 60+ years of experience. With our long journey down the business road, we tend to understand our client needs with more compassion and heart.

One platform for multiple solutions
Ekuiplus is one last stop for all your business accounting and bookkeeping needs. Along with our customized automated financial modeling software, we can also aid our clients for business valuation, strategy making, tax consulting, investment, VAT implementation, and more. Once you are with Ekuiplus you don’t have to look around to resolving any of your business and financial concerns.