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The Ultimate Guide to
Outsourced CFO Services

In this guide, we’ll discuss what
outsourced CFO services are,
who needs them, and how to go
about finding and vetting a
quality provider.

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What is an outsourced CFO

All businesses small and large need a Chief Financial Officer or CFO - someone to manage the day to day business finances, and provide you with financial business guidance. However, the problem with this, is not all businesses can afford an in-house CFO or don’t need one full-time. This is when we suggest you bring on an outsourced CFO or a virtual CFO; someone who can provide part time expert financial services to help improve the efficiency and increase the profitability of your business, without the long term financial commitment. CFO services need not be a headache for your firm, get in touch with Ekuiplus for virtual CFO and outsourced CFO services in Dubai and the Gulf region now.

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Responsibilities of an outsourced CFO

An outsourced CFO will bring untold value to your business. They will uncover ideas and means to improve the cash flow and profitability of your organization and will be competent in analyzing financial strategies, controlling costs, and improving the productivity of your business. Responsibilities that would fall to the part time CFO would be ownership of all accounting and finance functions of your business, including:

  • Financial engineering
  • Planning and reporting
  • Restructuring
  • Bank relations
  • Overseeing accounting
  • Training and supporting finance staff.
  • VAT assistance
  • Budgeting and preparing projections.
  • Cash flow analysis
  • advising the board and the management on company’s strategy and planning
Who needs outsourced CFO services?

Put simply – all businesses need CFO services, but not all businesses need them full-time and in-house. Some of the reasons our clients come to us looking to use our CFO services in Dubai and the region are:

  • They don’t have the time to put into finance issues.
  • They need more professionalism in handling their finances.
  • Their business is ready to grow but doesn’t have the expertise in-house to present its case to potential investors.
  • Their business is going through a challenging period and needs strategic assistance.
  • Their current financial systems and processes are insufficient.
  • They require a higher standard of financial information.
  • They are feeling unconfident or unsure about the future of their business finances.
  • They are making big changes in the business.
Type of CFO Services

Ongoing CFO services

As your strategic finance partner, we integrate ourselves within your business to really understand your needs and why you are looking for CFO services. We develop a relationship with you above and beyond just consulting and advising. Ekuiplus take full responsibility and ownership of your accounting and finance functions. Our many years of experience in areas such as financial engineering, planning, and reporting, restructuring and bank relations, have allowed us to build superb practices and are considered leaders in the industry. With our sturdy base of knowledge, Ekuiplus’ CFO services for small to medium business, will serve as a superb investment in your company’s future.

One Time Project CFO

It may be that your business is going through a time of uncertainty or perhaps you are launching a new product, raising finance, or expanding. If you’re simply looking for some financial support on a temporary basis for whatever the reason, Ekuiplus can offer part time CFO services for one off projects, to help you through the turbulent times and take you confidently through to the other side.

Interim CFO

Has your CFO gone on leave, or have they unexpectedly quit and left your business in the lurch? We can help provide you with a financial expert who will give your business the support it needs without skipping a beat. We provide CFO services that cover short term periods as well as long term so your company’s profits don’t have to suffer while you look for a more permanent solution.