The VAT is a relatively new tax in UAE, with all businesses with an annual revenue of 375,000 AED being required to register for it since January 01, 2018. VAT is charged on business transactions involving the supply of goods and services to customers, with the business charging VAT by adding the tax to the goods or services when charging the customer. The businesses that are registered for VAT in the UAE have the right to reclaim VAT paid to suppliers for goods purchased or services received for business purposes. The business then claims back or pays the difference between VAT charged to customers and VAT paid to suppliers.

Eligibility for VAT registration

Who is required to pay tax in UAE?

All businesses selling and/or importing goods and services exceeding revenue of Dh 375,000 per year are required to submit their VAT registration online applications within 30 days of being required to be registered. Foreign companies selling VAT taxable goods and services in Dubai are also required to register for this tax. Who else is required to pay the VAT tax?

Foreign companies selling VAT taxable goods and services in Dubai are also required to register for this tax.

Who else is required to pay the VAT tax in UAE?

  • All commercial tenants, including shops and offices etc.
  • Sales of commercial properties
  • Consumers purchasing all non-essential commodities
  • All goods imported to Dubai

Who is exempt from VAT in UAE

There are cases where VAT is not required to be paid. This includes:

  • Purchase of essential products such as food products, medicines, educational commodities etc.
  • Businesses who provide essential services like education and health etc.
  • Residential tenant contracts
  • Selling of newly constructed homes

Reduced VAT in UAE

The following goods and services benefit from a 0% VAT rate:

  • Exports
  • International transportation services
  • Aircraft and sea transportation services
  • Investments in precious materials
  • The supply of residential properties
  • Education services
  • Healthcare services
Required documents for VAT registration

The first and most important requirement when registering for VAT in Dubai is to have a tax identification number. This is issued along with the Certificate of Incorporation by the Trade Register in Dubai.

Other documents that are required when registering for VAT in Dubai are:

  • Your company’s business licence
  • Passport of the business owner and other shareholders
  • Proof of the registered address of the company in the UAE
  • Information about the corporate bank account
  • An income statement for the last 12 months
  • Information about he import/export activities of the company
How can we assist

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