What is Risk Exposure?

Risk exposure is the measure of potential future losses arising from a specific or planned business activity. This can be usually quantified by estimating the probability of a risk occurring and its impact. Whatever that exposure is, the challenge is to manage it effectively.

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What is Risk Management?

No company or business with ambitions of growing and sustaining its activities over the long-term can do so effectively without having sound and well running risk management structures and practices in place.

All companies no matter what their field of work face risks in conducting that work which if not managed correctly will constrain their business operations and prospects. That is why it is vital that companies put in place the right processes, systems and resources for identifying and measuring those risks and the measures and controls to mitigate them.

Risk management allows a company to ensure that it is taking the appropriate levels of risks for the returns it is making and planning to make. Revenue streams can be generated and enhanced by ensuring that they are of a quality commensurate with the risks that are faced and accepted by a company's board of directors in line with their risk appetite.

And no risk management framework can be optimized without being part of a broader system of corporate governance that ensures proper reporting, governance, and accountability where clear channels of communication, well-informed decision making, comprehensive policies and procedures, and segregated roles of responsibilities are undertaken and overseen by professional and well-trained human resources.

How can Ekuiplus Assist?

Ekuiplus helps businesses enhance and if needed transform their risk management capabilties by enabling them to effectively identify, evaluate, and prioritize risks (whether credit, market, operational, strategic or reputational), and implement strategies to manage threats and minimize their impact while maximizing the realization of opportunities.

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